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Ubuntu Ayni
The experience changed me forever.
— Tony Ruiz
After 10+ years of suffering, I am totally amazed with the healing power of San Pedro. It’s the most effective medicine I’ve experienced. My advice to anyone who is dealing with chronic illness is this: Heal the spirit first! The body will follow the spirit back to wellness. San Pedro is a profound healer. Bernhard is a gifted, experienced guide. Ubuntu Ayni is so beautiful. I can’t wait to return someday.
— Rick LaBarbera
Bernhard truly cares deeply about his work and about those who come across his path. He speaks with an authenticity and wisdom that comes from someone who is connected to those spiritual and essential sources that can help us find our profound healing and growth. It’s been a long time that I’ve met someone who has changed my life for the better, but Berhnard certainly has, and I hope he will yours.
— Lauren Cooper
‘Ubuntu Ayni’ is truly something special. A home away from home where people from all over gather together to heal themselves, and essentially the world while they’re at it. I know I am always in safe hands when I’m with Bernhard and Liza. Thank you for helping me completely change my life, for the better.
— Rachael Sorensen
Apu Pitisuray overlooking Ubuntu Ayni

Apu Pitisuray overlooking Ubuntu Ayni

I had tried San Pedro and Ayahuasca at other retreat centers too, but I never felt as safe and as well-guided as with Bernhard. I’ll be back!
— Therese Stoll
Wachuma could not have chosen a better guide for us, we, those, who have had the honour of being guided under Bernhard’s gentle wing, weaving his space creating magic...
— John Dee
Working with Bernhard is one of the best things that’s happened to me, and I will strongly recommend, no, I will implore working with him to anyone who shows interest in sacred plant medicines.
— Rob Paul
Bernhard was made for this work.
— Jamers Lynn Hart
The view from Apu Kinsaqocha

The view from Apu Kinsaqocha

As a middle-aged professional single mother of two college students, this was my first experience with plant healing, shamanism, etc. I went in with few expectations. Little did I realize how critically important it was to have an experienced, compassionate, nonjudgemental healer present. Like many others who have participated in these ceremonies, my experience was totally unique — and consisted of both very pleasant and very dark experiences. It was Bernard who helped me navigate through my fear and face the lessons that were being presented to me. I became suddenly aware of just how powerful his healing is, as I witnessed it in action.
— Theresa Shore
Ubuntu Ayni is gorgeous and everything about it makes you feel at home. The garden is beautiful and perfect for ceremonies. Bernhard’s whole family is incredibly warm to the guests - often joining for dinner or spending time chatting in the gardens on off days. I very much miss my time there.
— Bobby Asplund
My ceremonies provided me with a new perspective on my life. We don’t ever get a chance to step outside of our minds and see the world alive around us. I borrowed a new set of glasses during the retreat which enabled me to focus on the living world of Creation. I have always had eyes but now I can see.
— Bill Figueroa
I miss the good food, the fires at night, the sky full of stars, the smell of eucalyptus, the flowers in the garden, the hummingbird, but most of all... the wonderful people! I’ll be back for sure :)
— Saskia Boer
When working with medicinal plants, especially for the first time, one cannot place enough value on the importance of having a well-centered and intuitive facilitator to assist you. I am forever grateful that I was led to Bernhard and highly recommend him for those who are called to San Pedro.
— Leigh
Bernhard held my hand through my healing experience, and helped me navigate everything I went through with light and mindfulness. Under his guidance, I was able to access a spiritual awakening that truly changed my life. I will be forever grateful to him and the gifts that he shares with those he works with.
— Rachael Durchslag
Bernhard is so special and yet so down to earth, no superiority airs about him at all! For both my husband and I, our expectations were way exceeded by Bernhard and his healing center. We felt like part of his family.
— Catherine Smith-Gaines
San Pedro is an amazing plant spirit - its ability to open a person is phenomenal. My power to speak my truth and open my heart over the past 5 months since traveling to Peru has been great. However, without Bernhard’s guidance and care, I’m not sure if this would have been the case
— Kimberley Rae Brown
How can two full days of a very instrumental experience get summed up into words??? Firstly, thank you Bernhard. You opened my heart, lifted my spirits and freed my soul. At the tender age of 58, I became a liberated and yet an intricate piece of the fabric of life around me.
— Marlena Miller