At Ubuntu Ayni, our focus is on creating supportive space where inner exploration and healing can occur. Our work includes ceremonies with the plant medicine San Pedro.

Our beautiful and tranquil retreat space and accommodation is a place where people from all over the world come to heal, reset and remember their true nature.

Set in the heart of San Pedro's original birthplace in the foothills of the Andes, Ubuntu Ayni summons the energies of this land to provide a safe and nurturing atmosphere for those called to work with this sacred medicine.  

We welcome people from all walks of life and belief systems who are willing to look within themselves to find answers to their own healing. 

Our speciality lies in the experienced, personalised guidance and mentoring we offer to everyone at Ubuntu Ayni. In this, San Pedro ceremonies create the base of the work, which is supported by a variety of healing modalities, including aspects of African Zulu shamanism, Family Constellation principles and some mentoring. We use what we would have liked to receive, as well as what worked for us during our own personal healing processes as guidance for our work. We aspire to live from the heart and to support others to the best of our abilities, whilst being direct and honest.

Led by Bernhard and Liza-Marie Karshagen, a husband and wife team, each with over 10 years experience working primarily with San Pedro along with other plant medicines including tobacco and rose. Bernhard, Liza-Marie and their family (including their daughter Rose, their son Francis Bear, and their two cats!) offer ceremony and retreat guests everything they need conducive to a deep, transformative and healing experience.  


Bernhard facilitates the San Pedro ceremonies and has a broad understanding of thought processes and patterns. He is highly intuitive with the ability to help people look at situations from a different perspective, helping them see through the layers of their thought structures, and guiding them to connect with their own truth.

Bernhard engages with people in a direct, yet gentle manner, guiding them to identify and let go of limiting beliefs, to step into their own being and empower them to return to their hearts.


Bernhard has a deep understanding of trauma and depression, having suffered from this illness for over 10 years as a result of medical trauma. He shares the wisdom and teachings that he has learned from his own healing experiences and uses this as the foundation for his work.

For reviews of Bernhard’s work, please view Retreat Guru.


Liza-Marié is currently a mother to our two young children. Whilst she is also a healer, her current role is more in the background, looking after the space and household in a physical and energetic way. When guided to do so, she takes part in certain individual processes, providing guidance from Spirit and the ancestors. She has worked in a mentorship with her teachers in South Africa, who are Zulu Sangomas or shamans. This still nourishes her and forms the basis of her personal work.

Liza-Marié's approach is simple and heart-centred, coupled with a soft and nurturing manner. She works with various plants from both an energetic and physical perspective. She specialises in rose medicine, with which she has a strong connection. 

Liza-Marié also provides spiritual readings and channeling for certain participants when called to do so.

Rose Medicine
Suffering is how Life tells you that you are resisting or misperceiving what is real and true. It is the way Life suggests you are not in harmony with what is.